“Director Sasha Brätt...create(s) an unforgettable staged experience.”
—MD Theatre Guide

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by Annalise Cain
(Playwrights on Park Reading Series)

What Screams I Hear Are Mine began in sketches while I was attending the Playwright's Workshop, and found its way onto strips of paper towel in my senior year of high school. I developed it at BU, and workshopped it with my peers for two years. It premiered as the Clementine Collective's production. Since then, it won the National Partners of the American Theater Award, and has been read as a part of the Tribe Theater Company's Spring Reading Series.

Playhouse on Park
244 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

Sept 26 @ 7:30pm
More Info and Tix HERE

by Michael Kimmel
(Playwrights on Park Reading Series)

A humorous and incisive look at modern politics. In a tight race for Senator of Ohio, two candidates are racing to see who can abandon their principles first- The incumbent Democrat, fearful of losing his seat, or the Republican "change candidate", who’s excelling at the game of politics too well for her own liking. Stuck in the middle of this race is a woman looking to the government for help. As both candidates try to outsmart each other, a tragedy that is all too common these days occurs. How will the candidates respond? Dog Whistle is a direct examination of the current state of politics, and how callow our elected representatives on both sides have become.

Playhouse on Park
244 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

Nov 7 @ 7:30pm
More Info and Tix HERE

NEXT TO NORMAL - The Pulitzer-Prize Winning Musical
Music by Tom Kitt
Book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey

The dad's an architect; Mom rushes to pack lunches and pour cereal; their daughter and son are bright, wise-cracking teens. The Goodmans appear to be a typical American family, yet their lives are anything but normal. This brave and breathtaking contemporary musical takes an unflinching look at a family's struggle with mental illness. Winner of three Tony Awards including Best Musical Score.

Naugatuck Valley Community College
750 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708

Nov 9 - 12, 2017
More Info HERE

Adapted by Joe Landry

The beloved American holiday classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. With the help of an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve.

Ivoryton Playhouse
103 Main Street
Ivoryton, CT 06442

Dec 7 - Dec 17, 2017
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THE REVISIONIST - New England Premiere!
by Jesse Eisenberg

In this comedic drama, a young science fiction writer named David journeys to Poland to stay with his 75-year-old second cousin, Maria, a widowed Holocaust survivor. While David is searching for a quiet space to unblock his creative energy so he can revise his novel, the lonely Maria is thrilled for the chance to connect. As their bond grows, David learns a profound secret about Maria's past that challenges their relationship and teaches them both about the meaning of being a family.

Playhouse on Park
244 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

April 11 - 29, 2018
More Info and Tix HERE


by Neil Simon

It’s 1943. Come back in time with us to World War II era, Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s boot camp for a young man from Brooklyn and his fellow recruits where they will learn about Life and Love and some of life’s harsher lessons. Winner – 1985 Tony Award for Best Play.

"Director Sasha Brätt keeps the show moving briskly; this is one production that seems to get better as it goes along."
— Talkin' Broadway

"The cast, under Brätt's fine direction, sets this production apart and above."
— Shoreline Times

"Brätt's insightful direction brings out the comic and poignant moments splendidly."
— The Theater Mirror

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HERE'S JOHNNY (Playwrights on Park Reading Series)
by Joe Godfrey

Johnny Carson is back for an "encore show"somewhere way beyond Burbank. Ed MacMahon is there, as is Carnac the Magnificent, plus a few surprise guests whose appearances befuddle and surprise Johnny, bringing him to the realization that this show is not only the strangest but also the most important one he's ever done.

Playhouse on Park
244 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

by Richard Alfieri

An aging but formidable woman hires a dance instructor to give her lessons in her home. What begins as an antagonistic relationship gives way to friendship as they swing dance, foxtrot, tango and cha cha while sharing their secrets, fears and joys. SIX DANCE LESSONS is a poignant comedy with music and dance about friendship.

"...the play's success belongs to Bratt and his terrifically skillful and sincere leading man and woman."
— Connecticut Critics Circle (Brooks Applebaum)

"...the play, as directed by Sasha Bratt, is both engaging and comforting, and much of this is to the credit of the two actors who have an empathic chemistry..."
— CT Theater News and Reviews

"...a delightful spin around tough subject matters...a gentle story that makes you smile and believe in humanity again."
— Connecticut Arts Connection

"Sasha Brätt...has carefully helped the performers get the most of the gentle humor."
— Two on the Aisle

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TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE — Playhouse on Park

The autobiographical story of Mitch Albom, an accomplished journalist driven solely by his career, and Morrie Schwartz, his former college professor. Sixteen years after graduation, Mitch happens to catch Morrie's appearance on a television news program and learns that his old professor is battling Lou Gehrig's Disease. Mitch is reunited with Morrie, and what starts as a simple visit turns into a weekly pilgrimage and a last class in the meaning of life.

"...the lovely production of "Tuesdays With Morrie" at Playhouse on Park...convincingly acted by Chris Richards and the lovable Gannon McHale, the show is a surprisingly sublime and funny experience that still led many audience members to weep."
— The New York Times

"...highly recommended...Playhouse on Park's Tuesdays With Morrie is a real winner, by turns funny and sorrowful, with a pair of superlative actors transforming a rather small scale show into a very full and richly satisfying evening of theatre"
— Talkin' Broadway

"5 out of 5 Stars!" — Hartford Arts Examiner

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Lady Macbeth and Her Lover Title Image
Iron Spike Theatre Company

Lovers Corrine and Hope make a suicide pact. One poet lives and one wins the Pulitzer, posthumously. Years later, the dead woman's daughter knocks on Corrine's door demanding she be her literary mentor. World premiere from acclaimed playwright Richard Vetere.

"Director Sasha Bratt uses lighting to set the mystical tone. Bratt shapes the space astutely"
— Theatre is Easy

"Well directed by Director Sasha Brätt. I look forward to seeing more of his work."
— The Arts Fuse

"Director Sasha Bratt has an excellent pair of actors and a set that...let[s] the imagination of the audience participate in the production. There is a mystical quality to the lighting here and there that provides a sense of surrealism or other-worldliness that enhances the show."
— NY Theatre Guide

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In this hipster fairy tale, Leslie, an overworked single mom, takes on the ghost of Dr. Spock as her personal guru. With sexy magical-realism Leslie gives birth to her power; her sometimes lover Wyatt howls with Cerberus the three-headed dog from the underworld; and her six-month old baby Jack...talks.

"...a show that's fun yet thoughtful...Sasha Brätt's directing aptly makes the show's magical realism an integral cornerstone of the play."

Full Review HERE

THE DINING ROOM — Playhouse on Park

A brilliantly conceived and richly humorous theatrical tour de force (and Off-Broadway success) in which six performers portray a wide array of diverse characters as they delineate the dying lifestyle of wealthy WASPdom, and the now neglected room which was once a vital center of family life.

"...a funny, thought-provoking, and immensely entertaining production..." —

"The Dining Room at Playhouse on Park ranks as an absolute must for those who are looking for a pleasurable evening of theatre." — Talkin' Broadway

"[Sasha Brätt] gently leads six actors, who play 50 characters between them, like a master orchestral conductor."
— In the Spotlight

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In this fast-paced, brutal and honest telling of OTHELLO, we will enter a world of war that we know all too well, and see the power that love, jealousy, passion and pride have over our lives...and how no one is safe from the consequences of these passions! "And what's he then that says I play the villain?" Whose actions are not justified? Who is innocent? Who can say that they do not play the villain?

Winner BEST PLAY 2013 (

"...[a] spartan and urgent production..." — "...what we have is a very strong, dark production of the play"
— CT Theater Blog

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FRAME 313 — Midtown International Theatre Festival

Wrapped up in the reels and documents of the Kennedy assassination, Mark, a prodigious pianist, is frozen in a frame saturated by the past. His future is out of focus until Sylvia enters the picture. Can Sylvia's love strike the right chord and move Mark past Frame 313?

"A smart and quirky thriller."
"A solid production"

Full Review HERE
Full Interview HERE

ROMANCE LANGUAGE — Seven Angels Theatre

The world premiere of a new play by Joe Godfrey: Penny Morgan, single and 32, feels her Mom, Kay, widowed and living alone, is letting life pass her by. Things change quickly, though, when Kay agrees to take private Italian lessons with a very charming and attractive teacher, Fiore Benedetto. When the lessons blossom into "something more," Penny, a lawyer who was devoted to her late father, becomes distressed. As in Italian opera, passion, jealousy and perhaps even "vendetta" drive these three people toward a final big decision.

"Sasha Bratt directs the production...without neglecting a dramatic moment."
"...this is a very good play."
— Republican American

Full Republican American Review HERE
Press from Litchfield County Times HERE

PILOT FISH — NY International Fringe Festival

Hollywood Pilot Season. Pure Carnage! Four people who can't stand each other find themselves "attached" to the same sitcom pilot. PILOT FISH not only filets the "industry", but goes after the "Hollywood" we all carry around inside of us.

"Pilot Fish a perfect fit for the fast-paced, grab-that-audience aspect of FringeNYC." —

"...feels like an insider's take on Hollywood; beyond earning the laughs it aims to deliver, it will make you glad you live in New York." — Village Voice

View photos HERE
Full review HERE


Theo Turner is a young cosmologist on the verge. But Theo's "big bang" isn't theoretical. His universe explodes when he and his wife travel to Attapulgus to deliver news about an impending adoption and discover that Theo's aging parents are meth addicts. A comedy about the frailty of faith, the unspoken bonds of family, and the mysterious expansion of the universe.

"a thoughtful and entertaining new play" — DC Theatre Scene

View photos HERE
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THE WEBCAM PLAY — Capital Fringe

A unique fusion of theatre and film, The Webcam Play tells the story of two lonely twenty–somethings who fall in love online. When things turn sour, they are forced to wonder – was it ever real?

5/5 stars – "Pick of the Fringe" — DCTheatreScene

"This is the perfect example of a new play that should be picked up by a larger company post–Fringe." — WeLoveDC

View the trailer HERE
View Act One HERE

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YEAR OF GIVING — Capital Fringe

"How far can $10 take you? Join the inspiring journey of an unemployed DC man who spent a year giving away $10 a day, uniting 365 strangers, sharing their stories and changing lives."

5/5 stars – "Best of the Capital Fringe" — DC Metro Theatre Arts

"A Year of Giving is among the best shows I've ever seen at the Capital Fringe Festival." — Dcist

Full DC Theatre Scene review HERE
Full DC Metro Theatre Arts review HERE

THE MYSTERY PLAYS — Catholic University of America – Thesis Production

"We are all of us on a journey. Our lives are paths we walk alone. Always, even when surrounded by our family and friends, we're alone. These journeys, our lives, are long and winding. Even the briefest ones are fraught with – are crowded with – what we can see, the physical world, and what we cannot...That which lies beyond our vision and our understanding. Our belief."

5/5 stars
"Perhaps the most unique and amazing thing about this play is its staging." — MD Theatre Guide

View photos HERE

Full MD Theatre Guide review HERE

OBLIVION — Capital Fringe

Howard is dying. While he suffers through an unexpected illness, prophetic dreams challenge his attachment to life. A chamber opera adapted from a story by H. P. Lovecraft, Oblivion confronts the threshold between existence and whatever follows. Based on Lovecraft's short story "Ex Oblivione"

"Brätt creates simple yet elegant tableaus with the actors' bodies, which, when combined with the dynamic lighting and shadow, give certain scenes a painterly feel not unlike a Renaissance canvas." — DC Theater Scene

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