Sasha's directing resumé

Sasha's CV
“Shrewdly directed by Sasha Brätt”
—Celia Wren, The Washington Post

The Dining Room (Playhouse on Park):

"...splendidly directed by Sasha Bratt..."
"...a terrific director at the helm...Bratt's staging is airtight"

4/5 Stars!
"'Dining Room' proves to be a sumptuous meal"
""Bratt manages Gurney’s sly transitions with great aplomb."

"Director Sasha Bratt is brilliant."

Othello (Playhouse on Park):

Winner BEST PLAY 2013 (!

"Director Brätt's production delivers an accessible, well–paced, thoughtful Othello."
"...this is not your daddy's Shakespeare."

"Director Sasha Brätt moves the action swiftly to its bloody conclusion"
"This is a masterful cast at work."

"This is a good, sturdy production...and would serve as a particularly good introduction to Shakespeare, especially to students and others who have been turned off to Shakespeare by encounters with lackluster or unintelligible productions."

The Webcam Play (Capital Fringe):

5/5 stars — "Pick of the Fringe"
"impressively executed production"
"artfully displayed in a collage of technology...It's an inventive and extremely effective staging choice"

"Under director Sasha Bratt's sensitive guidance, actors...gave amusing and appealing accounts of young people crossing paths, purposes and wires on an online dating site."

"another winner...sharply directed..."
"Director Sasha Brätt executes with charm and skill"

"hit a home run with The Webcam Play...real, raw take on relationships"
"a must see show"
"so far my favorite show of Capital Fringe is The Webcam Play"
"This is the perfect example of a new play that should be picked up by a larger company post-Fringe."

4/5 stars
"you feel like you're a fly-on-the-wall witnessing the online encounter."
"a funny dramedy about online dating."

A Year of Giving (Capital Fringe):

5/5 stars — "Best of the Capital Fringe"
"A Year of Giving is an extraordinary story and it makes for an extraordinary play."
"a brilliant bit of staging."

4/5 stars
"Thanks to Director Sasha Brätt, this is a refreshingly simple production with a lot of heart."
"A Year of Giving is a play you can't not like or at least appreciate for its warm-hearted intention."
"This is the kind of show Oprah would love."

"A Year of Giving is among the best shows I've ever seen at the Capital Fringe Festival."
"Scenes are woven beautifully together"

Qualities of Starlight (Source Festival):

"a well crafted...drama"
"Shrewdly directed by Sasha Brätt"
"Qualities of Starlight registers as a welcome find."

"While the themes in Qualities of Starlight are serious and dark, there are several laugh-out-loud moments."

"a thoughtful and entertaining new play"
"There is much to enjoy in Qualities of Starlight"

The Mystery Plays (Thesis production):

5/5 stars
"The Mystery Plays...will send you home with chills"
"Perhaps the most unique and amazing thing about this play is its staging."
"Director Sasha Brätt...create(s) an unforgettable staged experience."
"Coupled with Lighting Designer JP Woodey, Bain (sound design) works with Brätt to create an epic opening to the show...This stunning moment alone makes the show worth seeing."
"A stunning recreation of suspense and mystery"

Oblivion (Capital Fringe):

4/5 Stars
"The staging is to be commended as well. With only a few pieces of furniture, some simple lighting cues, and plastic wrap, director Sasha Brätt has created a space wherein Howard's home and hospital room happily coexist with the dream space of sages and ancient trees."
"Brätt creates simple yet elegant tableaus with the actors' bodies, which, when combined with the dynamic lighting and shadow, give certain scenes a painterly feel not unlike a Renaissance canvas."